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Our services include, but not limited to:

 Firewall Installation and Maintenance
 Load Balancing for Multiple ISP Lines (T1 + DSL + Cable)
 VPN Installation (Office to Office and Home to Office)
 VLAN (separate local networks for security)
 Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solutions
 Email Spam Prevention Software
 Server application services
 Server installation and Maintenance
 Network Installation and Setup
 Wireless Installation and Setup
 Microsoft Application Installation and Maintenance
(MS Office, MS Windows, MS Server, MS Exchange,
MS Sharepoint, and others)
 Server Virtualization (VMware and Microsoft)
 Local and Remote Backup. (tape backup, external drive,
and off-site backup)
 Monthly Network Maintenance Service Plans

Wanaport IT Services Providing a “Worry-Free Workplace”

IT related tasks which are more of a “one time project” and may include functions such as: setting up a physical server, installing an Exchange server, creating a backup plan and installing backup software, additional tasks customer desires. Wanaport IT Services will an hourly rate TBD in hourly blocks of 10, 40 or 80 hours. Similar to the concept of a “block of time” described above, some customers may not want to sign up for a monthly contract of Managed Services.

Block of time agreement – Wanaport will define in a contract the number of hours, the price of the hours based on the tasks performed (desktop, network, servers or IT projects). 

SOW – SOW’s are very popular in today’s IT Solutions space, Wanaport will meet with a customer, listen to and understand the customer’s IT needs. Wanaport will then create a list of activities to be completed to address this customer’s needs and what will be fulfilled “in scope” or what is not included “out of scope”. The SOW will contain pricing on the block of time or the cost of the project broken out in phases and hourly rate with a clear total for the customer. Wanaport will obtain 50 % of the SOW cost up front as a deposit and bill the customer the remaining 50 % upon the completion of the project. Consultant can help provide or create a “Wanaport IT Solutions” SOW, project completion form and survey if requested by Wanaport.