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The list doesn’t stop here. Wanaport IT Solutions has helped companies in the Retail, Restaurant, Engineering, Manufacturing and Healthcare industries with both Managed IT Services and network solutions.

Assisted Living

Wanaport IT Solutions recognizes that the Assisted Living is a rapidly growing industry where facilities offer seniors who need some assistance in their daily lives but also want to maintain their independence. Adults in this age range stay current on the latest technologies and have a strong interest in staying connected online with the internet.

The Internet's role in Assisted Living Facilities

Everybody depends on internet connectivity these days, seniors are no exception. An industry leading, nonpartisan, nonprofit research firm called the Pew Research Center published a detailed study on internet use among seniors (click here). The Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 53 % of adults age 65 or older use the internet or email. Of this internet useage, seniors are using the internet for email and social media such as Facebook. Seniors are finding that the internet helps them stay in touch with family and friends close by or reconnecting with old friends far away. 

Wanaport IT Solutions can design, implement, and manage a "guest or resident" network for Assisted Living facilities all across the US. Our expertise in wireless networks can provide your facility a fast, reliable and easy-to-use wireless network for your residents and their guests and visitors. Wanaport IT Solutions can also implement administrative networks for paging, data and voice use as well as helping with your Assisted Living facilities IT infrastructure needs. 

Internet WiFi usage in Assisted Living Facilities:

Many facilities across the United States are using networks and WiFi to help their residents enrich their lives as well as allowing the facility to offer more amenities to their residents and visitors:

Easily Accessible WiFi Access

Allows residents to check email, look at photos on Social Media, communicate with friends and family over video conferencing such ask Skype.

Mobile Devices for Staff Use

Tablets and mobile devices are becoming more common for staff to move around the facility and care for patients. A reliable WiFi network with excellent coverage is key for a mobility strategy at your Facility.

Promoting your Assisted Living Facility

Having a robust Administrative Network will allow your staff to communicate with prospective customers and their families via email, video conferencing and virtual tours. This can educate prospective residents on your Facility even if they are not local for an onsite visit.

Include Staff and Family in Meetings

Ever have a need to have a video conference session for a family meeting or care meeting ? This is another way your Facility can offer additional value to their residents and their families.

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