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Other Industries

The list doesn’t stop here. Wanaport IT Solutions has helped companies in the Retail, Restaurant, Engineering, Manufacturing and Healthcare industries with both Managed IT Services and network solutions.

Multi-Dwelling Units

MDU Property owners and managers want to attract and retain tenants and a WiFi solution installed and managed by Wanaport IT Solutions is the answer !! 

In a study by the firm J Turner Research, 64% of apartment renters say they would move or not renew their lease if they were unhappy with their Internet service in their apartments or rental unit. 

Based on the needs and internet use of today's renters, a reliable, high speed Internet access is extremely important to renters and condo owners which in turn, makes it a high-priority for both renter prospects and Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) owners and residential property managers. 

Wanaport IT Solutions has experience installing and managing high speed internet access and WiFi systems for MDU's and can help your property as well. Wanaport IT Solutions can perform a Site Survey of your MDU, design a reliable, fast and easy-to-use MDU network that will keep your renters happy for the long term. 

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