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Internet Traffic Shaping

Peer to Peer file sharing, unauthorized downloads of music and videos by users can bring your network to a screeching halt. Let Wanaport IT Solutions implement state of the art Internet Traffic Shaping technology to limit unauthorized downloads of music, videos or adult content through Peer to Peer websites. Online gaming consoles can also degrade network performance. Allocate your properties precious bandwidth to customer business users for downloading large business files and documents.

How does Internet Traffic Shaping Work?

Wanaport IT Solutions performs these following tasks on your network traffic:
Monitor ALL traffic; A layer 7 solution covers all ports and protocols
Discover and Valuate traffic ; Analytics and reports help categorize applications, content, users and devices.
Set policies on traffic values  Can block inappropriate traffic and prioritize recreational, relevant and crititcal traffic
The result ? Network Performance Improves !
What are the four types of internet traffic on your guest or visitor based network ? 

The Four Types of Internet Traffic:

Unfit Traffic

Consists of unwanted traffic, content or users that must be blocked, including web based threats. Common Examples: Malware, Pornography, Violence, P2P Applications, Unauthorized Mobile Devices, etc.

Recreational Traffic

Consists of the “everything else” traffic, content, and users that doesn’t cause alarm but that aren’t important to organizational success. Common Examples: Streaming Media, iCloud, Dropbox.com, Spotify, Facebook, BYOD, etc.

Relevant Traffic

Consists of business operations traffic, content, and users like business software and services, often found on Cloud or otherwise hosted environments. Common Examples: CRMs, Skype, GoToMeeting.com, Connected Equipment (Copiers, Postal Machines, etc.), UPS.com, etc.

Critical Traffic

Consists of traffic, content, and users that affect revenue production and management and that fundamentally depend on a high performing Internet. Common Examples: Hosted Billing Systems, Cloud-Based ERPs, Order Fulfillment, etc.

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