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Wired/Wireless Guest Internet Service

Wanaport IT Solutions is based in Southern California but our customer base is nationwide in the US. With our 24x7 Technical Support and Proactive Network Monitoring we are able to design, implement and manage networks of all types in any state.
Today, hotels now need to support the bandwidth requirements of multiple devices per occupied room as guests are travelling with laptops and multiple devices. The demand for increased bandwidth by guests is ever increasing which can affect guest satisfaction and survey scores.


With Wanaport IT Solutions, we deliver a solution to offer your guests HSIA bandwidth which will guarantee guest satisfaction and repeat visits.

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Hybrid Internet

Is your hotel interested in offering basic free WiFi to your guests but still be able to generate a revenue stream ? Hybrid Internet Solutions from Wanaport IT Solutions is the answer !! Your competitors are already offering this and realizing the ROI of implementing a new Hybrid Internet Solution from Wanaport IT Solutions.

Go Hybrid 

One of the fastest growing trends in hospitality is a Hybrid Internet Solution, this exciting solution allows your property to provide free Internet at a basic bandwidth level to all guests, while offering them an option to purchase premium bandwidth. Plus, you can require all non-guests to purchase Internet at either the basic or premium level. Wanaport IT Solutions Hybrid Internet Solutions enables you to offer free Internet at a standard bandwidth, and then a higher bandwidth option and static IP addresses for business travelers for charge. With our Hybrid Internet Solution features including zoning, you can limit your free plans to the guest room and lobby, while continuing to charge for Internet in your convention and meeting space. 

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