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Wi-Fi for all types of properties

For decades, Wanaport has provided reliable top tier Wi-Fi for all types of properties. Our cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions have been tailored to the unique needs of guests, residents, front line staff, property managers, and owners. Here are just some of the properties relying on us today:

Superb Wi-Fi Experience

Users need a simple, intuitive way to access and then experience high performance internet that is always reliable and secure. Wanaport provides each guest and resident with their own unique Personal Area Network (PAN) that is safer and simpler to use than most home networks. New users authenticate once and are auto-connected from then on with secure, encrypted access to their own PAN – in their room, the lobby, the pool, anywhere on the property.

Simple Provisioning and Management

Non-technical staff and property personnel use a straightforward intuitive interface to create and manage PANs including selecting the appropriate bandwidth plan, TV entertainment package, password resets, move in/move out, and other support. Additionally, Wanaport’s cloud-based management platform provides the advanced analytics and usage reporting to ensure a consistent, seamless experience for all users and across multiple properties.

More Competitive Profitable Business

Increase customer satisfaction, drive brand loyalty, generate additional revenue and reduce support costs with Wanaport’s cloud managed Wi-Fi solution. Ensure you are delivering a five star experience every time while reducing complaints, support costs and getting the most out of your network infrastructure. Wanaport provides and supports the industry’s highest value network hardware and software and gives you many opportunities to increase revenue and reduce costs.

Examples for properties
serving guests:

Examples for properties
serving residents:

Wanaport’s Complete and Competitive Solution

We began our business by delivering top tier Wi-Fi solutions to luxury hotels while keeping costs down versus some of the large, more traditional providers. Our innovative solutions utilize the latest technologies and leverage your shared network gear so we require less hardware than previous room-based solutions. We also provide US based 24 hour customer and staff service at competitive rates. Most importantly, our decades of experience with your type of property will ensure that we deliver the right set of Wi-Fi and other online amenities tailored to what you need, and all centrally managed with our cloud-based platform.

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