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Hospitality Wi-Fi stopped being a nice  amenity about 5 or 6 years ago. Today, you get one shot to show your residents and guests that you understand their connectivity and communications needs. If they find your hospitality Wi-Fi internet comes up short, they won’t return to your property and perhaps none of your other hotel properties. The proliferation of personal devices (on average 2.9 devices per guest and growing) has created big challenges for hoteliers and property owners. The low-cost system you put in 4-5 years ago is likely no longer cutting it and your guests are probably complaining.

Wanaport provides cloud managed hospitality Wi-Fi wireless solutions with blazingly fast speeds, deliver premium in-room guest entertainment and give you a more competitive, profitable business. Our hospitality wireless solutions require less hardware technology, are real-time managed to pre-empt service issues, and deliver lower cost “smart hotel” functionality across all your hotel properties.

Ultra-Fast High Speed Fiber Internet

Wanaport provides the industry reliable, turnkey, gigabit high speed fiber hospitality internet installation and support for new or existing properties across the country. Our network engineers then optimize for exceptional Wi-Fi coverage throughout your hotel with our top tier networking hardware, intelligent access points, a suite of fully integrated online solutions and Wanaport’s cloud based management platform.

Broadband Internet Connections for Fast hospitality wifi
Wifi, Satellite TV, and TV Casting for Hospitality Properties

Personal Area Networks (PAN)

Every guest receives their own Personal Area Network (PAN) that is safer and simpler to use than most home network technology. New guests authenticate and are auto-connected from then on with secure, encrypted access to their own PAN in-room and throughout the property.

Premium TV Solutions

Give your guests a five star TV experience with our easy to use InstaCast TV casting solution and your choice of premium satellite TV packages delivered and managed at lower cost than other providers.

Smart Hotels

Save money and deliver a better guest experience with intelligent automation solutions from Wanaport. By integrating each guest’s PAN to your property’s IoT devices (Internet of Things), you can automatically adjust costly utilities such as AC, heating and lighting when guests are not in their rooms.

More Competitive Profitable Business

Increase customer satisfaction, drive brand loyalty, generate additional revenue, and reduce support costs with Wanaport’s cloud managed  Wi-Fi solution. As leading hospitality Wi-Fi providers, our shared network equipment requires less hardware than traditional solutions and our TV entertainment and other cloud based services are significantly less expensive than those offered by the large telco’s.

Enterprise Class

Wanaport provides the industry’s highest level of network and cloud security with the latest generation of firewalls, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), obfuscation and tokenization. Our cyber security solutions protect your network, applications, data, mobile devices, remote access and more.

Centralized Management,
Monitoring and Support

Wanaport’s cloud based management platform makes it easy to manage all your online solutions. Our straightforward interface makes it easy for non-technical staff to create and manage new guest services and our advanced analytics and reporting ensures a consistent, seamless experience for all users and across multiple properties.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Wanaport has a fully staffed data center that monitors, troubleshoots and escalates alerts on any issues that might arise. We pride ourselves in identifying and resolving issues remotely before you’re even aware of them and our US based network technicians are available 24/7 to support any and all guest/staff needs.

Nationwide Service Provider

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