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A Five Star TV System Experience

Give your hotel guests and residents the highest definition TV system experience in their room with the broadest selection of the most popular channels, real time sports and real time news coverage. Wanaport provides a broad range of satellite TV solutions, packages and providers so you can tailor your premium television offering to what your guests and residents want most. From intuitive menu guides and a personalized guest experience to advanced system features such as genre filters and channel preview, Wanaport delivers a five star TV experience that strengthens brand loyalty.

Comprehensive Hotel TV Service Management

Wanaport installs, maintain and helps you manage your enterprise-grade satellite TV system for programming distribution throughout your property’s network. From simultaneous HD delivery to all your rooms to encrypted channels in your lobbies and common areas, Wanaport’s cloud based platform makes it easy to manage and monetize the delivery of premium hotel guest smart TV solutions. Add an additional source of revenue while increasing property satisfaction.

An Integrated In-Room Entertainment Solution

Let Wanaport give your guests and residents an integrated, premium in-room technology experience with all your Wi-Fi services centrally managed with our cloud based platform. Our satellite TV delivery works seamlessly with Wanaport InstaCast streaming so guests can easily stream their own content while also supporting your phone, property surveillance, and other online services. Then, manage your hospitality smart TV system with Wanaport’s cloud based portal for an integrated view of all your Wi-Fi services across one or many properties. Wanaport has a long-standing reputation in the industry for delivering premium Wi-Fi and entertainment television systems to hotels, student dorms, apartments, condos, assisted living, and medical facilities of all sizes.

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