IOT Networking

Internet Of Things

IoT is about intelligent automation and energy management. Thoughtfully implementing an IoT solution not only provides energy cost savings and increases operational efficiency, but should improve the guest and resident experience as well. For example, student dorm rooms are vacant roughly 70% of an average day. With the right energy management system, that energy expense can be greatly reduced. Students can use a smart mobile app to input their schedules, adjust heating and cooling when they enter their room, and automatically reset and turn off the lights when they head out again. These same automated energy savings are just as relevant for hotels, MDUs, and any property equipped with IoT devices connected to our managed Wi-Fi platform. There is no need to run lights, heat or AC when rooms are empty.


IoT can also deliver tighter security for guests, residents and staff by intelligently managing access to your property. With Wanaport’s managed Wi-Fi platform, you can support a broad range of remotely controlled access devices. Do you have multiple properties? There is no need to visit a property to change a physical lock when a key is lost or after letting a disgruntled employee go.

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