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The right hotel telecom solution not only enhances your customer experience, but it provides a reliable communications channel for automation of regular hotel operations and real time response to guests’ requests from anywhere in the hotel. We provide high performance hotel telephone service from a provider’s network to the hotel’s office network so high quality domestic and domestic long distance calls can be made for free from the guest’s room. We strive to build hotel communication solutions that create loyal customers and build strong reputations for every property we serve.

Wanaport’s all-in one, managed Wi-Fi platform system includes telecom services for a motel-hotel both small and large plus is scalable to meet future communication needs. We provide cutting edge telecom technology that improves staff productivity with specific hospitality industry features that also adds to the overall guest experience. Your management and support of your phone system can now be fully integrated with Wanaport’s centralized cloud-based platform.

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