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Today’s apartment owners and managers must attract and retain tenants with ultra-fast, highly reliable internet and they should do so while making more revenue than the large telco’s offer. An MDU Wi-Fi technology solution installed and managed by Wanaport provides the answer.

In a study by the firm J Turner Research, 64% of apartment renters say they would move or not renew their lease if they were unhappy with the Internet service in their apartments or rental units. As an MDU property manager or owner, you should be able to deliver that while also making as much as $20 to $30 more revenue per door for your internet services.

Wanaport has experience installing and managing high speed Wi-Fi for MDUs and can help your community property as well. We’ll perform a property site survey and design a reliable, fast and easy-to-use MDU WiFi internet network that will keep you and your tenants happy for the long term.

Ultra-Fast Fiber MDU Internet

Wanaport provides turnkey, gigabit fiber installation and support for new or existing MDU properties across the country. Our network engineers then optimize Wi-Fi coverage throughout your MDU apartment or condo building(s) with our top tier networking hardware technology, intelligent access points, our suite of fully integrated online solutions and Wanaport’s cloud based management platform.

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Cloud Based Managed MDU Wifi and IT Services

More Competitive Profitable Business

Wanaport has a number of financing options where we fund all the upfront equipment and networking infrastructure to get your next generation managed MDU Wi-Fi solution up and running. We can also help you earn significantly more revenue per door than standard telecoms while delivering greater ongoing cost savings and more competitive Wi-Fi services to your apartment or condo residents.

Personal Area Networks (PAN)

Every apartment resident receives their own Personal Area Network (PAN) that makes it easy to securely connect all their wireless devices including sound systems, TV casting, printers, lighting, and more. New tenants authenticate once and are then auto-connected from then on with secure, encrypted access to their own PAN within their apartment and throughout the property.

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Premium TV Solutions

Give your residents a five star TV experience with your choice of premium satellite TV packages delivered and managed at lower cost from Wanaport. Our integrated TV casting solutions can also help differentiate your property’s TV entertainment solution from the rest.

Smart Apartment

Save money and deliver intelligent automation solutions from Wanaport. Let us help you deliver smart amenities such as keyless locks, smart lighting/thermostats, and energy saving automation across your property. We’ll also enable connection to your on-demand property services (house cleaners, plumbing/maintenance, dog walkers, and more) to give your apartments even more of a competitive edge.

Enterprise Class

Wanaport provides the industry’s highest level of network and cloud security with the latest generation of firewalls, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), obfuscation and tokenization. Our cyber security solutions protect your network, applications, data, mobile devices, remote access and more.

Centralized Management, Monitoring and Support

Wanaport’s cloud based management platform makes it easy to manage all your online resident and property solutions. Our straightforward interface makes it simple for non-technical staff to create and manage new tenant services and our advanced analytics and reporting ensures a consistent, seamless experience for all users and across multiple properties.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Wanaport has a fully staffed date center that monitors, troubleshoots and escalates alerts on any issues that might arise from your network. We pride ourselves in identifying and resolving issues remotely before you’re even aware of them and our US based network technicians are available 24/7 to support any and all resident and property staff needs.

Nationwide Service Provider

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    We strategically plan and execute breakthrough networking solutions for a variety of industries including hospitality, apartments, senior and assisted living, student housing, health care, transportation, education, casinos and more. In all cases, we tailor our solutions and services to give you the best performing and scalable networks possible.

    How Do Landlords Deal With MDU Managed Wifi For Apartments?

    These days, having access to fast and reliable internet is essential, which is why many landlords are now providing managed WiFi for apartments. But what is a managed WiFi service, and how do landlords go about setting it up?

    In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of managed Wi-Fi for apartments, from what it is and how landlords can set it up, to the benefits for tenants around managed Wi-Fi networks.

    What Is MDU Managed Wifi?

    Managed wifi is a newer and more innovative form of wifi system that allows landlords to manage and control the bandwidth and security of their tenants’ wifi. By doing this, landlords can improve tenant satisfaction, save money on bandwidth and security costs.

    Below, we will outline the three main benefits of managed wifi service for landlords as well as provide tips on how to successfully deploy it in an apartment complex.

    1. Managed wifi is a cost-effective way to improve tenant satisfaction. By managing the bandwidth and security of tenants’ wifi, landlords can ensure that all residents have an equal experience with the internet. In addition, managed wi-fi allows landlords to ban specific websites or apps without impacting other residents’ access to the internet.
    2. Managing wi-fi can also help keep residents safe by preventing them from downloading illegal content or accessing sensitive information without authorization.
    3. Financial considerations are important when choosing a managed wi-fi solution for an apartment complex. While there are many different options available, some paid options offer greater benefits than others.

    It’s important to carefully assess your needs before selecting a solution – especially if you plan on deploying managed wi-fi in multiple buildings within your rental portfolio.

    What Are The Benefits Of Installing Managed Wifi In An Apartment Building?

    Apartment buildings are a key part of the modern city, and they play an important role in society. They provide affordable housing for people of all ages, and they’re a great place to live. Unfortunately, a lack of concern towards apartment buildings can lead to issues such as poor security and unreliable service. That’s where a managed wifi system comes in – it can help to solve these problems and make your apartment building more efficient and secure.

    Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from installing a managed wifi system:

    • The cost savings and convenience of a managed wifi system. A managed wifi system is much cheaper than installing individual wireless networks for each tenant, and it’s much easier to set up too. This means that you’ll save time and money on installation costs, while also gaining access to many value added features such as central network monitoring, access control, guest access, parental controls, high end security measures, and more.
    • Increased efficiency by streamlining connection processes. With centralized management of the network traffic flow across all connected devices, you’ll achieve increased network efficiency. This will help to reduce connection lag times and improve overall performance for all users on the system.
    • Access control to maintain secure, reliable performance. A managed wifi system allows you to restrict which devices have access to the internet while ensuring that everything remains secure and reliable – even during peak hours or when there are multiple users accessing the internet at once.
    • Centralized network monitoring for tenant troubleshooting. By having access to real time data about network traffic levels (and other important parameters), you’ll be able to quickly diagnose any issues or problems that may arise on the network. This will help keep your tenants happy with quick resolution times for common issues.
    • Enhanced speed and range with proper installation. Proper installation is essential if you want your residents’ devices to enjoy optimum performance from your managed wifi system – experts offer detailed instructions along with quality products every time they install a new managed wi fi solution in an apartment building.
    • The availability of value added features such as guest access & parental control. Not every resident in an apartment building will need full internet access at all times – some residents may only need limited or restricted online privileges at certain times of day or weekdays only. Our team can accommodate these needs with easy implementation of guest & parental controls into your managed wifi solution without any extra cost or hassle.
    • High end security measures. Cybercrime continues to be one of the most serious threats facing businesses.

    Why Is Wifi And Internet Important In Apartments?

    Apartment life comes with plenty of perks and conveniences. Mowing, cleaning and garbage pickup are all taken care of but there are still things you need to worry about – like setting up your internet connection.

    Providing reliable wifi and internet to your tenants is important for their daily lives – whether they’re streaming video, social media or working from home. Having high-speed connections throughout the entire building will make your residents happier, increase revenue for you and provide peace of mind for all your staff.

    Managed WiFi offers a way for property owners to provide internet access for their tenants without having to deal with the hassles and costs of running cable through every unit in the building. It also frees up your staff to focus on acquiring signed leases and increasing revenue rather than monitoring cable operators entering apartment units with each move-in.

    It is also a great way to give your residents a secure, private network for connecting their smart devices and other IoT systems in the building. These networks are becoming a must-have amenity for modern residents.

    In addition, a private network gives your community an extra stream of revenue by offering WiFi subscriptions to your residents for a monthly fee. This revenue is a huge upgrade to traditional agreements with ISPs, where you receive nothing but a one-time kickback when a resident signs up for service.

    Is Managed Wifi Important In A Student Housing?

    When it comes to apartment amenities, state-of-the-art technology is a top priority for many property managers. They want to provide residents with everything from smart locks and plugs to video intercoms, package lockers, and more.

    As technology devices have become more and more common in apartment buildings, it has become increasingly important for residents to have access to high-speed internet at all times. This is especially true for student housing where a strong, reliable WiFi network is a must-have amenity for students.

    Unlike an unmanaged WiFi network, managed Wi-Fi for student housing provides a consistent experience for each resident regardless of where they are on the property or what device they are using. It also allows for a flexible and scalable network that can grow with the needs of your building.

    This is important for student housing because students expect to be able to use their devices anytime, anywhere. They are not used to living in a home environment where their Internet connection is inconsistent throughout the day, or where they cannot always be guaranteed a solid signal.

    How Do MDU Landlords Set Up WiFi Networks?

    It’s no secret that wifi is one of the most important services that a landlord can provide to their tenants. Providing stable, managed wifi is key for maintaining the peace and quiet of your residents, as well as keeping them connected and up-to-date on their favorite TV shows and movies.

    Different apartment buildings have different needs when it comes to setting up a wifi network, so it’s important to understand what those needs are before you make any decisions.

    There are a number of different providers that landlords can choose from when setting up a wifi network in their building. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to do your research before making a choice. Additionally, landlords will need to make sure that they choose the right equipment and provider for their specific building. This includes choosing the right type of signal strength and security measures to prevent theft or hacking.

    In addition to providing wifi access, landlords can also benefit from providing a managed environment for their tenants. This means taking care of things like updates, security patches, and spam filters. It also means working with providers who offer 24/7 support for managing your tenants’ devices.

    By taking these steps, landlords can ensure that their tenants are comfortable living in an apartment without ever having to worry about connectivity issues or privacy concerns.

    Do Apartment Landlords Need To Buy Routers And Hardware?

    It depends on the type of tenancy that you have. If you have a traditional lease with fixed terms, then you don’t need to purchase any additional routers or hardware for your tenants. However, if you have an agreement that allows your tenants to move in and out of the property at will, then you’ll likely need to purchase wifi routers for them. This is because most landlords don’t want their tenants using their own devices (like laptops) in the rental property.

    Along those same lines, it’s important to note that managed wifi solutions are becoming more prevalent these days. These solutions allow landlords to access a centralized service rather than purchasing individual router subscriptions for each tenant. This can save both time and money since it eliminates the need for buying and maintaining individual devices.

    Additionally, these solutions offer more security since there’s only one login key per network instead of multiple users accessing the same network at once.

    However, there are some potential downsides associated with managed wifi solutions as well. For example, these services can be expensive if they’re not properly priced (which is often not the case).

    And lastly, long term maintenance may be required in order to keep your managed wifi solution running smoothly over time. However all things considered managed wifi solutions offer many advantages over traditional router purchases for landlords.

    Are There Any Alternatives To Managed Wifi For Apartments?

    There are a number of alternatives to managed wifi for landlords. Some landlords choose to go with self-managed networks instead because they find that these solutions offer more control over their data security and privacy. Other landlords opt for mesh networks instead because they provide better coverage throughout an entire building than traditional managed wi-fi solutions do. It’s important to understand which type of network is best suited for your building before making any final decisions about what solution to choose.

    In addition to setting up a wi-fi system, it’s also important to consider other factors when selecting an alternative solution such as cost comparison and compatibility with other fixtures in your apartment complex.

    Interested in Setting Up a Managed MDU Wifi for Apartments?

    Managed Wi-Fi is a great way for landlords to provide tenants with a reliable internet connection while also saving money, protecting their property, and providing added value. By understanding the benefits of managed Wi-Fi for an apartment complex, landlords can make an informed decision about what solution is right for their property.

    Setting up a managed Wi-Fi network can be complex and time-consuming, so it is important to work with experienced professionals like Wanaport who can help ensure the success of the project. With the right provider and solutions in place, you will be able to provide tenants with fast and secure internet access that meets all of their needs – now and in the future.