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Surveillance Systems

There is no need to cast aside your current security camera solution to gain many of the benefits of a cloud-based platform. Without replacing your analog security cameras or in-wall cabling, you can securely store both analog and digital video in the cloud, while improving the cyber and physical security of your recordings. With just a few changes to your system, you can have anywhere, anytime access and hybrid-management capabilities with the most secure cyber-security protections available (better than on-premise). Adding even one IP-Camera can enable traffic analytics with intrusion and loitering metrics that makes your business operate better and with better security.

Why invest in better surveillance systems?

There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety and security of your guests and staff. Our surveillance systems detect any illegal or illicit activity by promoting the threat of prosecution and delivering proof of such activity when recorded by your surveillance cameras. Surveillance equipment or CCTV can help you in the following ways:

  • Detect cases of fraud and theft.
  • Automate email or file transferring as an automatic response to dry-contact alarms.
  • Record live videos from remote locations.
  • Help in stopping or limiting workplace violence and false accident claims.
  • Integrate video surveillance with access control, alarm systems, and building management.
  • Provide intelligent systems such as video motion detection with shape recognition to help identify people, vehicles, and objects.
  • We offer these types of surveillance systems and wireless security cameras:
    • Analog – the traditional set-up where cameras are connected with a coaxial cable to a DVR.
    • IP – a high quality camera set up that connects it to a network server.
    • Hybrid – both the analog and higher quality IP cameras are used to run off the same DVR.

As a full service, virtual security integrator, Wanaport offers the latest cloud-based CCTV solutions to provide centralized, remotely accessed surveillance and storage while leveraging the security solutions you may already have.

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