Cloud Managed WI-FI

Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Management Platform

Wanaport’s cloud-based management platform is at the heart of every Wi-Fi solution we deliver and support. It’s been tailored to the unique needs of guests, residents, front line staff, property managers, and owners and provides centralized delivery, management and support of all your Wi-Fi services.

Billing & Authentication

Wanaport’s managed Wi-Fi platform enables you to decide how guests authenticate and pay for your services. Payment options include bill-to-room, credit/debit cards and gift cards, while authentication options range from shared or individual access codes to folio verification and loyalty account validation.

Content Management

Our managed Wi-Fi platform makes it easy for you to deliver and support the ever growing demand for online content be it the latest satellite TV delivered by you or content from your guests’ devices delivered with our easy to use TV casting solutions. Our cloud-based management platform reaches all guests and residents across your entire network infrastructure and scales as guest devices and bandwidth demand continues to increase. In one easy-to-use interface, you’ll deliver relevant and hotel-centric content across a variety of guest interfaces, including laptops, business center computers, smart phones and more. No longer do you have to work with various systems and service providers. Instead, through one centralized platform, you can reach your guests across the hardware we provide and the rapidly growing range of devices guests bring with them.


Our cloud-based platform continues to add all the current and emerging interfaces to systems such as hotel property management systems, loyalty programs, along with interfaces into both network hardware and web services. Through open standards and a flexible architecture, Wanaport is able to develop new interfaces to meet hoteliers’ and other property’s emerging needs and deliver unique experiences for guests. 


Our managed Wi-Fi platform provides revenue and usage reporting across all services, such as snapshot night audit reports, high-level business results, performance on critical guest satisfaction metrics, ongoing IT reporting, and more. Reports are readily exportable to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis. Web-based access means reports are available from any web-enabled computer or handheld, assuring all staff get the data they need, when they need it.

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